Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 5 Youtube Mixer!

You will be developing a webpage as a multichannel video/audio work similar to the In Bb 2.0 as available online: http://www.inbflat.net

Your project is to have at minimum no less than 5 videos to mix. You can duplicate the format as in the "inbflat" project, using 20 videos or use no less than two videos to mix.

You are making a net art project, imagine someone coming to your webpage and randomly clicking on your videos to create a unique, live montage of videos and sound.

There are a wide range of possibilities and variables to consider as you develop these pieces.

-subject matter – the videos you choose to mix can be appropriated or your own videos that you upload to youtube or a mixture of the two.

-techniques - you will be learning some basic html coding with this project while using Dreamweaver for basic production.

-sound – for this piece you have you may have up to 20 audio channels interacting and mixing in real time! These can be all different or repeats of the same audio/video. Choose carefully as the mix of sound is very important to this project.

Youtube remixes are due to Clint by next Monday at 1pm!

Follow these instructions carefully!

-DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THE index.html file that I will send to each of you! Save the index.html file in a folder with your name on it EXACTLY as follows: John_Smith

These can be emailed to Clint Sleeper: clintsleeper@gmail.com

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