Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Individual Presentations and Final Papers!

Individual Presentations and Take Home Final Writing Assignment

This is a two part assignment!

1) Powerpoint Presentation - due either November 23rd (group 1) or 30th (group 2)

2) 1500 word Paper - Due Posted to Your Blog by Noon December 9th, 2010!

1) Choose two artists featured in the text, “Digital Currents”, or otherwise covered in class, or from one of the following websites featuring literally hundreds of artists for you to explore:

2) Do some basic research to discover additional artworks by your chosen artists that we did not look at in class or in the book. Make sure to record citations of where to find the works, links, etc.

3) Choose ONE representative work from each of your artists. The works must be ones that you found in your research, not covered in the book or in class.

4) Describe, analyze, interpret, compare and contrast the artist’s works, considering broadly their chosen formal and conceptual strategies, being careful to address genre (film, video, performance, interactive art, simulation, game art, etc) in your general analysis of the works. You must cite directly from Digital Currents in order to situate the works in question according to Lovejoy's various catergories.

Please limit your chosen artists/works to those create after from 1980 - the only requirement is that the artists are somehow intrinsically involved in the creative use of digital technologies in their works.

The intent here is to give you the opportunity to critically engage in basic research and analysis of artists and artworks while at the same time encouraging a greater depth of experience of various artist’s creative production and contexts.

You will first create a short powerpoint presentation that you will present to the class.

You will then create a written final paper of 1500 words minimum.

The paper is to be in the form of an extended blog post - include illustrations, videos where appropriate, links to references, etc.

Here are some online resources to help you in considering how to analyze, compare and contrast:

Your presentation and writing will be graded according to the quality of your research, the originality of your analysis, the quality of your presentation and the clarity of your writing.

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