Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chindogu! Informercial!


Create a useless invention according to the rules of the Japanese art of "Chindogu". This will be a project created in several distinct steps. First, work with your collaborators to conceptualize your own Chindogu to be first realized as a photoshop image designed as if it were a page from the Chindogu book. Second, you will actually create your Chindogu as a physical, functional object. Third, you will create and 15 second to 1 minute video “infomercial” as an internet video "meme" selling your useless invention, appropriating the substance and style of such television advertisements.

The first step will be to meet with your partners and research Chindogu on the internet and to conceptualize your useless invention. You MUST follow the 10 basic tenets of Chindogu! Then, first work together to create a functional prototype of your useless invention. Photograph the invention in use to include in a graphic product proposal modeled on those featured in the Chindogu books. Your photoshop page should include, images of the useless invention in use, title and descriptive texts (please spell check!). This proposal is to be posted to your blogs and will be presented for feedback and critiqued by the class on Tuesday, November 2nd.

The third part will be to create an infomercial for your invention! Study the form before commencing. Produce a short, 15-second to one-minute long infomercial/commercial for your product. Show your Chindogu in action! Incorporate video and sound to create an undeniably enticing advertisement for your invention.

Research "Chindogu" online and examine the books in class and in the lab (the books will be left on the center table in the lab for reference use only!). Think of something relevant to your life - something that goes to the extreme to accomplish a simple task. Over-engineering is key! This could be instructional, informational, humorous, serious, inspirational, etc..

Monday, October 18, 2010

This Week/Next Week!!!

October 19th
Sound performance and recording live for audio for the completed animation!

Arrive prepared to rehearse the class in creating sound effects for your section of the animation (you can do a solo sound effect or lead the entire class - up to you!). Clint is going to run through it at least once with the video playing followed by one or more attempts to get the right sounds recorded in real-time. Likely you will do at least two takes! The sounds will then be processed and attached to the video which Clint will burn to a looping DVD to put on display in the second floor show case just off from the Digital Media Studio (top of the stairs as you head towards our area).

Come prepared to class and be ready to play!

October 26th
Reading assignment: Read the next chapter in the book! Chapter 5 Art in the Age of Digital Simulation. This is one of the longer chapters in the book. Take your time, research artists along the way as there is much work online by many of those mentioned!

Prepare two written questions for discussion!