Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Assignment #3 Animation and Reading!

(Chapter 3 The Electronic Era and Postmodernism Next Reading Lecture/Discussion Tuesday September 28th - NO QUESTIONS DUE - rather I want each of you to research one of the artists mentioned in the 3rd Chapter, write a short paragraph in your own words about your research, provide references please!)

Animation Samples: (find many more on youtube, vimeo, etc.)

Create a minimum 10 second long animation from one or more of your triptych images (feel free to make these longer if you like, this is a minimum requirement although you will find 10 seconds is a long time!).

DUE Tuesday, September 28th!!! as assigned today in class, you are to create an animation using Adobe Photoshop. Since CS3 was introduced Photoshop now includes some rather simple yet effective animation tools similar to those available in more sophisticated animation programs such as Flash.

Everybody, work at the following resolution: 1280x720 at 72dpi!!!
This is the standard HD 16:9 format for youtube - see here for more info.

Here are some video tutorials that should help get you started.


From this link, go to the window on the left, scroll down and select "Photoshop CS3 Extended".

Then select in the window to the right "Animation".

Click on the video title "Animating Layers Pallette" and "Using the Animation Pallette" both of these are really good tutorials!

Pay particular attention to the brief tutorial using frames for animation and the timeline.

This next one is really good too! - watch the whole thing and use as a reference!


These tutorials and others available online have some great information for you! They go through the process pretty fast, don't stress, watch over and over again and try the steps as described on your work.

Most important is to figure out the basics of animation using photoshop for the project. You will want to know how to place your layers in the frames, tweening, durations, movement, etc. Essentially the animation tool allows you to use your layers in an image to animate between them - it is really that simple - the complexity is in figuring out the various tools and using them effectively. Watch these tutorials as many times as it takes to figure out how to animate something. Have fun and get started immediately! If you put this off until the last minute you will not succeed in mastering these tools and creating an interesting animation!

Workshop Thursday at 2pm in the Digital Media Studio CFA 207!!!

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