Thursday, September 30, 2010

Animation Collaboration and Groups

Animations due Wednesday, October 12th!!! Here is how to proceed.

1) I've sent an email with accessible emails for the entire class.
2) Contact the person in front of you and after you on your list.
3) Meet with those persons and brainstorm/collaborate on how best to animate the transition between your works to create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing flow.
4) Those who are first and last on the lists, you will make the intro titles and closing credits respectively (we will come up with a title next week in class!). For credits use the list of names below and copyright 2010 Digital Media Studio UNR
5) If your name is NOT on the list you did not post a video.
6) Sound! We will be making our own, collective soundtracks for this project, stay tuned for details!

Animations due Wednesday, October 12th!!!

Andrew Ardans
Danielle Redlin
Nikki Greene
Allie Erger
Alyssa Waday
Tim Darney
Elvina Darmawan
Tanya Gayer
Michael Pugh
Kristen Cooper
Leann Stokes
Charlene Gey
Billy Durden
Marcus Cowan
Kyle Walker
Beverly Colgan
Marie Bennetts
Alli Williams
Lindsay Pastrell
Aaron O’Brien
Courtney Laubacher
Amanda Moore
Jake Garrett
Brandon Cox
Angel Contreras
Dan Conroy
Megan Maghsadi
Amanda Carroll

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