Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Assignment #1 DADA - MONTAGE

These projects were created by past digital media students.

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Links to Montage Artists:
John Heartfield
Hannah Hoch
Raoul Hausmann
Winston Smith

Art 245 Digital Media I Tuesday 1-3:30pm DeLappe Assignment #1: Found Art/Found Magazine/Montage – DADA - Traditional

Montage The art, style, or process of making a pictorial composition by closely arranging or superimposing many pictures or designs.

Using an artwork found and purchased at a thrift store or garage sale as your starting point, create a new work of photo montage entirely from appropriated imagery from magazines or books of your choice. All the imagery used for this piece must be found and appropriated – no original photographs are to be used. Manually cut and paste your found imagery to create an original, new work upon your existing found art picture/painting. There is to be absolutely no computer usage for this project! All imagery and/or texts incorporated into your piece are to be cut and carefully assembled by hand using your Xacto knife and “Yes” paste. Completed works are to be presented as framed, completed works – you may either choose to use the existing frame purchased with the piece or place the image into a new frame – I will consult closely with you regarding this matter as you work in class on these projects.

Start by exploring local thrift stores and/or garage sales to find the work of art that speaks to you. Your piece can be inspiring (or un-inspiring) – an original painting, a fake painting, a photograph, poster, print, etc. Pick a magazine, or magazines, and/or books that you want to work with. Remember, you are specifically limited to found images from print – choose carefully. Images can be from a variety of sources, including: contemporary news publications, vintage magazines from the 1950's, text books, instruction manuals, etc. . The content of your image is up to you. Check out the magazine and book sections of the thrift store – you might surprise yourself. Visit the "Book Nook" of UNR's library which sells used library items. Finally, consider how you would like to approach your found artwork. You may choose to carefully relate your cut and pasted imagery into the composition and structure of the work or totally ignore and obliterate the found background image.

Tuesday August 24th
Assign first project/demo lecture montage.

Tuesday August 31st
Reading Discussion:
Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age
Introduction and Chapter 1

Tuesday Sept 7th
1st Critique, projects due
Introduce project 2/demo

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